The CCS Bard Bulletin Board is conceived as a window into local and international art scenes for the Bard community.  Bulletin board projects are curated by graduate students for the Center for Curatorial Studies.  The Bulletin Board is modeled after the platform that curator Matthew Higgs initiated at CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts in San Francisco, and brought to the alternative arts space White Columns in New York City, where he is currently Director.  In 2007, Higgs was guest curator at CCS Bard for an exhibition of the Marieluise Hessel Collection titled Exhibitionism.  During this collaboration, Higgs suggested the bulletin board as an alternative curatorial space for CCS Bard students to organize projects.  The Bulletin board was installed at the Center until 2009, when it was moved to the Bertelsman Campus Center on Bard’s main campus.

During the the spring of 2008, I curated the board with Dan Byers, where we had fellow CCS students bring in art, ephemera, and objects from their collections (there are no photographs of that installation).  Then in the summer of 2008, I curated the bulletin board again, posting selected images by founding Blondie member Chris Stein.  His photographs from CBGBs and other punk venues/scenes in the 1970s and early 1980s are candid and an extension of the musician's training as a photographer during his undergraduate studies.  Subjects included,  Iggy Pop, Joey Ramone, Debbie Harry, and Joan Jett.

*Note: first paragraph is from Bard's Center for Curatorial Studies website.